Who is MilieO?

MilieO is the sign of good taste for beautiful products and the passion for sharing this quality with elegant interior designs that are timeless and essential.
Since its creation, MilieO has seduced a client base of professionals stretching across France and beyond. Stores abound with its most emblematic designs. We sincerely hope you too will like our products during your visit here.

The brand

MilieO is an interior design and design accessories label, named after it’s creator, Emilie Rousseaux

A trained graphic designer, Emilie created her own label, MilieO, in 2014 and set up her charming studio just north of Paris. It is here that she lets her creation flow freely with her love for craft and local production. She pays special attention to the choice of inks, non polluting, natural, with which she crafts her various designs.

Custom-made design

Amidst rolls of tissues mingling with silk screens, it is here in her studio that MilieO takes enormous pleasure in imagining her creations for you.

There are times when you too can become inspired : You like the poster for a “Promenade en France” but your shop is in Orléans and you’d like the name of your town to be displayed on the poster? You’d like to create a little notebook to offer to your favorite clients as a thank you? Let us know and abracadrabra! We’d be more than happy to make your wishes come true.

Graphic design

Because graphic design is at the heart of our craft, we are able to custom make your own personal designs.

Whether you be a brand, an artist or a sole rider, don’t hesitate to call us to fulfill your graphic dreams. Invitations, posters, brochures, cards, whether your designs are inspired by ours or 100% yours, we’ll be happy to assist you in all stages of the creative process.